Yorkshire celebrates Valentine’s Day a day late now cards are 50% off

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Yorkshire is celebrating Valentine’s Day a day late to take advantage of 50% off deals on flowers and chocolates.

Supermarket chains have marked down unsold heart-shaped boxes of confectionery, pink helium balloons and huge pastel teddy bears, leading to frugal northerners cashing in by delaying the celebrations to get the best deal.

Yorkshire valentines is well-known as an attractive mix of romance and parsimony.

We spoke to plumber Simon Williams from Rawmarsh in the car park of Morrisons, where he was peeling a ‘To clear – half price!’ sticker off a 3-foot square valentine’s card.

“Yorkshire has a great tradition of being a centre of romance,” he told us, unconvincingly.

“Even our most famous town is named after the great Latin lover, Don Caster.

“Plenty of wear left in these roses yet. Most of ’em still have petals.

“And our bird will be dead chuffed when she sees what’s left of this box of Milk Tray I got off the ‘Oops!’ shelf,” he added, whilst eating a Coffee Creme.

With Easter on the way, Yorkshire parents are already getting the box of last year’s crime eggs down from the loft where they were put after being picked up in a sale in June 2023.