Man now only 12 lbs away from achieving New Year’s Resolution to lose 10 lbs

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After stepping on the scales this morning, Basingstoke resident Simon Williams has confirmed he is now just 12 lbs away from achieving his new year’s resolution to lose 10 lbs.

As the new year arrived, Williams said he was determined to get back to his ideal ‘fighting weight’ of 13 stone, despite tipping the scales at 13st 10 lbs on 1st January.

“And I’m still definitely on target to get there,” he told us.

“I’m now just twelve pounds from being thirteen stone, and twelve pounds is nothing when you think there are over ten months to go.

“When you think about it, losing ten pounds over twelve months is almost exactly the same as losing twelve pounds over ten months, right?

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“I mean, no, it’s not like I’ve started a diet or exercise regime; there is still plenty of time for that. Right now my weight-loss regimen generally consists of weighing myself every other week or so to see how much weight I now have to lose.

Simon’s wife told us, “I love that he’s set himself a health-related new year’s resolution, but I’d prefer it if he actually did something to work towards it. Ate a salad for lunch, maybe, or walked back from the pub instead of getting an Uber?

“At this point, I think the year will probably end with him redefining his ‘fighting weight’ as 14 stone.”