Rishi Sunak to use this week’s PMQs to road-test some Stephen Lawrence jokes

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Following the roaring success of his trans joke in front of the parents of Brianna Ghey during last week’s Prime Ministers Questions, Sunak’s advisors have been looking to gain political traction by writing fresh material which specifically targets marginalised groups.

Sources at Number Ten said the policy was being referred to as ‘Punch down to re-elect a clown’, and stems from the believe that jokes at the expense of vulnerable groups could never be considered ‘offensive’.

Special advisor to the Prime Minister Simon Williams said, “We’re trying specifically to appeal to the same type of voters that see transgendered people as less than human.

“The kind of people that simply can’t make the connection between their god-awful personal circumstances and the party that’s been in power for 14 years. We throw them a scapegoat to be mad at instead – it’s called the politics of distraction; a lot of very successful autocratic states have used it to keep incumbents who are for all intents and purposes medically brain-dead, to remain in power.

“Not that we’re saying to Tories are autocratic per-se, we just, by coincidence, happen to use a lot of the same tactics as autocrats.”

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Williams added, “I’d be lying if I said this was what I saw myself doing when I first got into politics, but in then end, it’s all about the results.”

When quizzed about what he meant by results, Williams responded, “If all goes to plan, we’ll get Sunak re-elected, and as a result, we’ll all be a lot poorer with a great deal more societal division. If we manage to upset any grieving relatives along the way then that’s just a bonus.”

At press time, Williams requested a moment to clear up several inverted crosses and pentagrams marked out in blood from his downing street office before posing for photographs.