Blue cards to be trialled in Women’s Super League when players roll around on the floor behaving like men

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The use of blue cards is to be trialled in the women’s super league, for any player displaying excessively boyish behaviour, like rolling around the floor feigning injury or verbally abusing the referee.

With news emerging that blue cards could soon be introduced in matches in order to sin bin players, it has been revealed that blue cards will be trialled by the Womens Super League to combat players acting like little boys.

A spokesperson for the WSL confirmed “The way that male footballers often behave is ruining the game, and so we plan to address that with the blue card system.

“If a player rolls around on the floor clutching their face at the slightest touch, it’s a blue card and the sin-bin. If a player swears at a ref because they weren’t hugged enough as a child, it’s a blue card and the sin bin.

In fact, any time one of our players displays the worst traits of their male counterparts, it’s off the sin bin for them.”

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Asked if it is not considered sexist to say pretending to be injured is ‘boy-like behaviour’ we were told, “No not at all, this card system will be introduced into the men’s game too, although we may need a different coloured card, for behaving like a girl, maybe a pink one? Oh shit. Right, hang on…”