Lee Anderson caught burying dead trees in his garden to ensure he has enough coal for next winter

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30p Lee Anderson is embracing renewable energy by burying large logs in his garden in order to have enough coal on hand next winter.

The former Deputy Chairman of the Tory party, and keen enthusiast for all things ‘green’, has set out to show the public that coal is a truly renewable resource, by making his own.

Anderson told reporters, “I have shown that you can feed a family for 30p a meal, and how I’m showing you that coal is renewable. The sooner everyone just accepts I am always right about these things, the easier it will be on the rest of you.

“I buried half a dozen tree trunks in my garden this morning, and that will provide a lovely coal crop around Christmas. So never let those wet lefty do-gooders tell you that coal is a harmful, environmentally unfriendly fuel.

“If coal was so bad for the environment, it wouldn’t be made from trees, would it?

“Checkmate liberals.”

Meanwhile, non morons have sighed loudly before realising Anderson’s views on the renewable nature of coal will make literally zero difference to anyone who was already inclined to vote for Lee Anderson or his party.

30p Lee, the six-bob knob