Prince William tells Kate to ‘buy yourself something nice’ after taking on extra overtime at work

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Prince William is said to be absolutely exhausted today after agreeing to take on plenty of overtime at double his normal rate, so he can treat his family to something nice.

With news emerging yesterday that the King would be stepping back from public duties whilst he receives treatment for his illness, Prince William has wasted no time in agreeing to smash in loads of overtime for the next few weeks, as long as he gets “double bubble” for it.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family confirmed, “They offered him time and a half, but he told them where to go.

“We can confirm that Prince William has agreed to take on a number of extra hours at work in the coming weeks, for double time of course, because he is saving for a holiday and to buy Kate something nice.

“Obviously this is pretty tiring, and he is already really knackered, but the money was just too good to turn down, so he’s happy to cash in while it’s on offer.

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“We expect him to continue to work these overtime hours for at least another month. Though there has been some discussion of him working some weekend hours but I don’t think he’ll bother with that unless they offer him triple time or something.”

Asked if Harry has also been offered any overtime work to help out the Royals we were told, “Didn’t get the chance, he’s f**ked off back to America we think.”