Dentists to get £20k incentive to give out more appointments at 2:30

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Dentists is England will be offered bonuses of up to £20,000 it is revealed today for offering more appointments at two thirty in the afternoon.

The incentive, which has been welcomed by dentists and patients, was announced earlier today and could see practices taking on extra staff between 2pm and 3pm in order to cover the workload created by the hilarious and popular appointment time.

Speaking earlier, Dentist Simon Williams from Plymouth told us “Do you get it? Two thirty? We are a dentists surgery, and your appointment is at two thirty?

“Tooth Hurty!  Do you get it? It’s bloody hilarious!  I love it, and the patients love it, so it’s right that there is an incentive.

“Everyone who goes to the dentist dreams of having their appointment at two thirty, so that they can do the joke, and tell all their friends and workmates.

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“But it’s obviously challenging to accommodate because we can only really see one person at that time.

“However, with a nice financial incentive, we can draft in extra staff, and kind of fudge the appointments a bit where we TELL people that their appointment is at two thirty, but keep them talking at reception for a bit, and try to rush people through.

“I think with some great time management, delay tactics, and really really quick check ups, we can easily slot in ten or fifteen people into the ‘two thirty’ time slot.

“And everyone is a winner.

“Two thirty. Genius”