Government urged to fix NHS waiting lists after King Charles spends 24 hours on trolley in hospital corridor

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The government has been criticised for its treatment of the NHS after it was revealed a vulnerable 75-year-old man spent 24 hours on a trolley in a hospital corridor.

Before King Charles was due to begin his treatment for cancer following his recent prostate issues, he was left in a corridor due to a lack of beds and a shortage of staff caused by ongoing underfunding over the last decade.

Due to NHS cutbacks at the Royal Kensington Hospital, the mistake went unnoticed, and the high-ranking 75-year-old was forced to queue behind an elderly lady awaiting bowel surgery.

Hospital porter, Simon Williams, said, “This old fella kept saying she was the King of England and that he’d have my head on a plate if he didn’t see a doctor soon, but I just assumed he was just one of those confused people who are getting on a bit.

“We get all sorts in here. One lovely lady yesterday was convinced she was Marilyn Monroe.

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“So I just smiled at hime politely and went about my job ferrying other patients from one holding location to another. I’m not going to be sent to the Tower, am I?”

Meanwhile, the government has denied that the incident has anything to do with their underfunding of the NHS, insisting that old people spending an outrageous amount of time on trolleys in hospital corridors is the obvious and entirely predictable consequence of not being able to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.