Man with top legal qualification from the University of Life remains utterly convinced High Court judge has ‘got it wrong’

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A man has spent the last 24 hours claiming the High Court got it wrong in Laurence Fox’s defamation case, insisting that his extensive understanding of the law makes the judge’s decision look silly.

Simon Williams, 45, is a big believer of free speech and would welcome the opportunity to use the ‘N’ word in regular conversation without people looking at him funny.

He told us, “Laurence Fox did nothing wrong, and the other people definitely did. I know this, because I read a fifty-word partisan Tweet that was very persuasive, and which convinced me completely.

“No, I’ve not read the judgement itself. Why would I? It’s really long. Like, longer than a newspaper. I don’t need to read it because I know the facts of the case and I know that Lozza is innocent.

“How can those other people be found not guilty of defamation for calling him a racist if the judge can’t even say that Lozza IS a racist? Hmm? Check-mate liberals!”

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Non moron Dave Smith told us, “*Sigh*. It’s because the judge didn’t have to determine if he’s a racist or not – that was never part of the trial.

“The judge merely had to determine whether Laurence being called a racist harmed him in any way. And the judge determined it did not harm him because, well, because of all of the things he’s been saying and doing in the last few years which have harmed him in the eyes of the public way more than a couple of mean tweets.

“My missus used to like him in Lewis, but now she thinks he’s a massive twat – and she didn’t see any of the tweets involved in this case. She decided he’s a massive twat based on nothing more than all the things he’s been doing and saying in the last few years.

“Obviously in the world of credulous simpletons, the judge failing to say “Laurence Fox is definitely a racist” means he has won, but that was never the question before the court. He wasn’t on trial for being a racist. But it’s also worth mentioning that the judge didn’t say “Laurence Fox isn’t a racist”. That question is still very much open.

“Still, it’s really useful having all these people publicly claiming Lozza ‘won’ a case in which he lost on every count, because it’s always better to know who the gullible simpletons are.”