Man with air fryer left devastated after missing a conversation where he could have mentioned his air fryer

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A man who owns an air fryer was devastated today after missing out on a conversation about cooking where he could have mentioned his air fryer. Again. 

Simon Williams, who bought his new air fryer last month, revealed his disappointment earlier after overhearing a conversation about cooking at work, which ended before he could join in and talk about his air fryer. Again. 

Speaking earlier he told us “Have you not got one? Are you mad?

“Anyway, I was sitting at work thinking about what to cook in my air fryer, because you can cook most things in it you know, they are so versatile and economical.

“I can’t believe you haven’t got one. Have you really not got one? Really?

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“Anyway then I heard my work colleagues discussing what they were having for tea, but I was in a Teams meeting and couldn’t join in, I was devastated.

“One of them mentioned chicken, which you can cook in the air fryer so I was going to tell them all about it. Again.

“You really should get one, do you want me to send you a link?”

Asked to comment on his air fryer, work colleague Hayley Rice told us, “If he mentions that f**king thing again I’m going to jump out of a window.”