Barbie sequel to show Barbie coming into the real world to find only Ken nominated for an Oscar

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The sequel to the smash hit film Barbie will see the titular character return once again to the real world only to realise the movie world has chosen only to celebrate Ken.

Tentatively titled, Barbie: Beyond the Dreamhouse, the film will see Barbie, played once again by Margot Robbie, navigating the complexities of Hollywood, where she finds herself on the outside looking in at the glitz and glamour of the Oscars that chose to celebrate only her male counterpart.

Film critic Simon Williams told us, “It’s certainly an exciting evolution for the Barbie story.

“Having ended the original movie with the main characters in a good place, it will be interesting to see what happens when Barbie discovers that, despite her best efforts, it’s still the men who get all the recognition in the real world.”

Director Greta Gerwig has so far remained tightlipped on the project, but a studio insider explained that the movie will be a metaphor for the struggles of women in Hollywood.

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The added, “We expect it to be out in time for the 2026 Oscars, and we’re pretty sure it will see another acting nod for Ryan Gosling.”

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