Thousands of Brits either lose or gain a trampoline

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You may find yourself with one more, or one fewer trampolines today, according to the met office.

With winds gusting up to 90mph during storm Isha, the bouncy background apparatus – which is basically a giant sail if you think about it – was primed and ready for take-off.

“The kids are crying,” confirmed Simon Williams, a Kettering resident and former trampoline owner.

“I looked out the window and the trampoline was gone.  It’s probably halfway to Newcastle by now.

“I’m pretty sure the cat was sleeping on it, which is doubly concerning, but at least he’ll have an adventure.”

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Newcastle resident, Hayley Rice, said, “The kids have been going on at me for a trampoline for months, and lo and behold one has just landed in the back garden.

”It just goes to show that God works in mysterious ways.

”Not quite sure why he threw a terrified cat in with it, but beggars can’t be choosers, can they?”