Man who claims to despise ‘cancel culture’ surprisingly keen to see Gary Lineker cancelled

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A man who has made it his mission to call out cancel culture in all forms as part of his ongoing commitment to free speech, has today joined calls to see Gary Lineker’s sacked.

With GBeebies and various right-wing mouth-breathers currently calling for Lineker to be sacked due to his ongoing use of social media to express opinions they don’t like, many of them have decided to drop their support for free speech altogether.

Derek Williams, 52, has become well-known amongst his social circle for being the first person to call out cancel culture any time anyone he likes faces consequences for things they have said and done.

‘Friend’, Pete Smith, told us, “It started when Jeremy Clarkson lost his job for punching a producer. Derek said it was political correctness gone mad, and that cancel culture would be the end of civilisation as we know it.

“Since then, he’s blamed cancel culture for absolutely everything from Boris Johnson losing his job, to Neighbours ending, to Toblerone changing the design on their packaging.

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“To say he hates cancel culture with a passion simply doesn’t reflect the strength of feeling his has on this subject. So yes, we were all surprised to see a post on his Facebook page calling for Gary Lineker to be sacked for expressing his freely held opinions.

“All I can think is that he believes cancel culture is only a ‘bad thing’ when the people getting cancelled are people you like and agree with, and that cancel culture is perfectly acceptable when the victims are people you don’t like, saying things you disagree with.

“I did consider calling him a massive hypocrite, but he’d probably try and cancel me.”

I agree with Gary – get your mug here!