Ron DeSantis exercises his ‘right to choose’ by aborting non-viable Presidential bid before full term

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Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has called time on his presidential bid after just a few weeks, exercising his ‘right to choose’ in terminating his still embryonic bid with immediate effect.

DeSantis, who has become well known for his position that abortion is evil and other religious nonsense, has decided he can no longer continue his unviable campaign without the full support of the other religious nut jobs in his party.

DeSantis told reporters, “It is every Republican politician’s right to choose what they do with their own body of work.

“I have wrestled with my conscience, but in the end, it was my decision and my decision alone, as it should be. It was without any outside interference from religious fanatics who also happen to be my closest colleagues.

“No one should be able to force me to carry this campaign to term against my will, this is 21st century America, not some backward civilisation that relies on a two-thousand year-old book for practical guidance.”

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Meanwhile, political commentators have said that we shouldn’t read too much into the fact his campaign was only a few weeks old.

Political Analyst Chuck Matthews told us, “The campaign simply wasn’t viable. Sure, his critics will say he should have gone all the way with it, and even if it was doomed to die right the end, so be it. But the reality is, he made the right decision.

“He’s just lucky he was allowed to.”

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