Betrayal! Furious Labour supporters condemn Starmer’s attempts to win election

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There is growing disruption within the Labour Party as a section of supporters turned on leader Keir Starmer after it became apparent he was doing everything he could to win the next election.

“Winning elections is disgusting, bourgeois and against everything the Labour Party stands for,” explained Simon Williams as he waited for his mum to give him a lift to a demonstration against something he doesn’t understand.

“We should be focusing on mobilising the huge base of Labour support to walk through towns shouting things before getting to the end and all having a nice sit-down while Jeremy Corbyn does a speech about how everything would be much nicer if everyone would simply be nice to each other.”

Mr Williams is just one of a growing number of Labour supporters who believe that Keir Starmer’s attempts to win the election are a betrayal against their core beliefs.

“It doesn’t seem right to me, all this business of doing whatever you can to win an election,” said a troubled Eleanor Gay, a Labour supporter who is disappointed in the lack of a clear condemnation from the Labour leadership of South Sudan’s recent crackdown on rebel groups.

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“If Starmer wants to win a general election, then he’s going to have to compromise and do things that I might not like to appeal to a broader cross-section of voters. Now, that might lead to improvements in the lives of the majority of people and remove the worst government in living memory, but is that worth me having to put up with him not doing everything that I specifically want him from a Labour government? Not really.”

It is currently unclear with Keir Starmer is bothered.