Middle-aged man’s attempt at a fist bump ends in minor injury

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A man in his late forties has had a go at fist bump and everyone wishes he hadn’t.

Simon Williams, a 47-year-old Sales Manager from Scunthorpe, attempted to fist-bump his junior colleague in an ill-judged attempt at bonding.

“It did not go well,” confirmed Jay Cooper, a 22-year-old Junior Accounts Manager.

“He stood up after our Quarterly Business Review and went ‘right…er…thanks, dude’, which he’s never, ever said to me before and probably hasn’t to anybody else either.

“Then I stuck my hand out for a handshake but he had his fist out already, then he got flustered and went for the handshake while I curled my fist to match his.”

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“Then he got all nervous and went ‘OH GOD’ and then went for the fist bump again really quickly to avoid confusion, which basically resulted in him punching my fist quite hard.

“So we’ve both got bruised knuckles and had to fill out the accident book.”

Simon Williams said, “Yeah, fine, I won’t do that again.

“I feel bad for Jay though, I’ve bought him a fidget spinner and some Tide Pods to say sorry.”