Rishi Sunak to consult 2024 TV drama schedule before starting work on election manifesto

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Rishi Sunak has asked aides for a full list of television dramas being released in 2024 before committing a single word to paper for his election manifesto.

The decision comes in the wake of the recent TV drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office about the Post Office Horizon scandal, which has dramatically shifted voter concerns and priorities, and therefore, the things the government pretends to be concerned about.

Sources close to the Prime Minister reveal that he is adamant that tailoring his political agenda to mirror the themes and issues presented in popular television dramas is the path to electoral success in 2024.

“It’s all about staying relevant,” explained Simon Williams, a Downing Street aide.

“If a TV show about postal systems can sway public opinion, imagine what a drama about climate change or the PPE scandal could do!”

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The Prime Minister’s office has reportedly reached out to major TV networks and streaming services, requesting advanced copies of scripts and plot summaries for all dramas set to release in 2024

Williams went on, “Critics might claim the Netflix Top 10 isn’t the way to determine what’s best for the nation, but clearly, this approach is the only way an out-of-touch billionaire can align with the political zeitgeist. If it’s on telly, people care about it.”

However, Sunak could find himself flummoxed after reports the broadcasting world has been left abuzz with rumours of a new political drama set to air later this year.

Williams explained, “We believe it’s centred around an abject Prime Minister who, in a last throw of the dice, bases all of his policies on whichever TV shows are popular that month.

“We’re hoping the season finale might reveal a way for a deeply unpopular government to win a general election.”

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