Prince Andrew’s lawyers warn of ‘dangerous precedent’ if wealthy criminals can no longer use money to make their indiscretions disappear

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Lawyers acting on behalf of Prince Andrew have warned of a dangerous precedent if his inclusion in the Epstein files leads to further scrutiny of his relationship to the disgraced financier, because he’s already paid millions of pounds to ‘make it all go away’.

With Prince Andrew now one of the central characters in the Epstein files, the Prince’s lawyers have warned of the grave consequences if he continues to be reviled across the media.

Lawyer Simon Williams told us, “We urge the media to seriously consider what happens if the millions Prince Andrew paid to Virginia Giuffre is deemed insufficient to protect him from further allegations and speculation.

“This could see wealthy criminals everywhere suddenly exposed to lawsuits and media speculations despite their belief that they have paid to make the problem go away.  Can you imagine how many sleepless nights will be suffered by rich sexual predators and nonces if having lots of money can’t make their crimes go away for good?

“Is that sort of society we want to live in? Where throwing vast sums of money at victims no longer lets you get away with your crimes?

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“Paying off victims of crime to make it all go away is what a civilised society is all about.  If it wasn’t, then Jeffrey Epstein would probably have been caught long before he eventually was, and think of all the lovely parties he held and the holidays he gave to his friends while he was still free.

“All those good times could disappear if the media makes the wrong decision here.

“We are confident everyone will see sense and realise the only way this all gets resolved is if we all agree to continue letting money protect rich and powerful people from the consequences of their actions.”