Man who had fourteen days off work in need of retraining

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Office worker Simon Williams has spent the morning staring blankly at his computer after forgetting what his job entails during the Christmas and New Year break.

Williams told us the failure to recall the specific tasks required of him had proven to be something of a shock.

He explained, “I had a couple of days extra holiday that I couldn’t carry over into 2024, so I took them all in one go thinking I could have a fortnight off over Christmas and New Year.

“It felt like ages, which was great, but I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember what I was doing two weeks ago when I was sat here.

“IT Support had to come and log me in, and they gave me some very funny looks while doing it.

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“My job is numbers, something to do with numbers, definitely. It all seems so long ago I can’t be sure, though.”

A woman at the next desk told us, “No, I’ve no idea what he does; he works in the next building.”