‘I had zero knowledge of how the story was gathered’ insists man who apparently never thought to ask

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Piers Morgan has denied allegations that he was aware of phone hacking whilst editor of the Daily Mirror today, insisting that it’s not the job of the editor to ask where reporters get their stories.

With news emerging earlier that a judge has found that Morgan was aware of hacking, the former editor of the Daily Mirror has looked to defend himself by insisting he knew nothing, because senior editors never check anything like that, honest.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I deny all allegations, obviously, because I am a liar.

“I would like to place on record that there was only one story that was proven have unlawful information gathering on my watch. But I knew nothing about that – why would I? I was only the editor.

“I have no idea how the journalist got the juicy information that I relished printing.  And I never thought to ask him.

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“I just printed it with no information whatsoever about where the story came from.  I didn’t ask a thing.  Not one thing. If editors were expected to check where reporters got their stories and ask about things like ‘sources’ they’d never get anything done.

“And all the other stories which they couldn’t fully prove were gathered illegally, I knew nothing about those, either. *wink*.

“So I am completely innocent and have done nothing wrong, that you can prove.”

Asked who he feels is at fault for the stories in that period we were told, “Meghan”