‘I can’t be arsed – there’s no point starting anything’ insists man finishing work early for work Christmas party

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A man who is finishing work several hours early for his work’s Christmas party has insisted that there is no point actually starting any work, because they are all going out, at 4pm.

Simon Williams, who started work at nine this morning, revealed he couldn’t be arsed working at nine fifteen and immediately suggested a butty run so that they could line their stomachs for later before starting to get ready to go out.

Speaking earlier he told us, “What’s the point?  We are going out later.

“There is absolutely no way I can get any work done today, and there is no point starting anything really, because we are going out soon, like, in six hours.

“We need to start getting ready though, and decide what we are eating by looking at the online menus, because we can’t decide when we get there as that would waste time.

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“And I can’t be arsed now anyway, I’m on a wind down, because we are going out.  I just can’t concentrate.  There’s no point us even being here.

“I may as well go and get all the breakfast butties in, and spend about an hour and a half taking orders and going to the shop.”

Asked if there are any reasonably quick tasks he could do at work, in order to pass the day and get important tasks done we were told, “What’s the point though?  We are going out!”