Brexiter confused how Hungary was able to veto the ‘totally undemocratic’ EU giving more support to Ukraine

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Hungary has vetoed €50bn of EU funding for Ukraine, in a move that has left millions of Brexiters scratching their heads.

The aid blocking was announced by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, shocking Brexiters who were convinced the EU always makes you do things you don’t want to do.

Brexit voter Simon Williams told us, “I was told, repeatedly, that the EU was undemocratic, and that we would have all sorts of things thrust upon us against our will if we stayed in the EU – so how have little old Hungary managed to stop the EU doing a thing they didn’t like?

“Sure the way the EU works means they would have just gone ahead anyway and dragged Hungary along against their will? That’s how it’s supposed to work, right?

“Hang on, have the rules changes since we left? If so, I’m delighted to see the EU finally embracing democracy.

“You know what, if they’d been a bit more democratic like this back in 2016, maybe I wouldn’t have voted to leave!”

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