Joey Barton bursts a blood vessel in both eyes after Premier League appoints first female referee

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After the Premier League announced that Rebecca Welch will be the first female referee to take charge of a top flight match in England, Joey Barton immediately burst a blood vessel in both eyes and bit through his tongue.

Barton, 41, began shaking and straining at the neck the moment he read about Welch’s promotion, which he believes comes at the expense of far better qualified male referees.

As Barton continued to read details of her appointment, witnesses described an infrequent nasal snort to relieve the pressure building up inside his head before the his’s left eye finally blew a blood vessel to leave it looking hideously bloodshot.

A friend of Barton’s, told us, “It’s not a pretty sight to be honest.

“Getting himself worked up about these ‘uppity women taking liberties with our game’ is his thing, obviously, but most of the time he just screams at whoever is in earshot and then goes of to read about how much more money women presenters are getting these days.

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“But this news was different.  As soon as he found out she would actually be refereeing a Premier League game over Christmas, despite him repeatedly saying women in men’s football is a disaster, he lost it completely.

“I’ve had to take his phone off him, it’s for his own safety.

“If he reads the bit about her potentially getting more high profile games later in the season, I’m genuinely worried about his heart.”