Teacher looking forward to Christmas holidays so she can spend some quality time with all of her marking

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High school English teacher Simone Williams is counting down the days until the Christmas holidays, so she can get some actual work done.

Ms Williams was going to visit her aging grandparents and relax with friends, but she has not managed to keep on top of her workload this year. 

“I spend my days filling in spreadsheets, writing referrals and other general administrative bullshit.

“During lunchtimes, I inhale my sandwiches so I can offer study sessions to senior pupils who want to sit playing on their phone in college rather than in school. 

“Oh, and I teach sometimes, too.

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“So I’ve fallen a bit behind with my marking.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to get it from my classroom to my car. The school doesn’t have money for pencils let alone the forklift truck I need for the job.”

Ms Williams says that she desperately needs to mark her creative writing class stories first.

“It’ll be nice to see what missions in Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty the pupils have ripped off and regurgitated this year.

“At least the ones created by ChatGPT will be written in complete sentences.

“And once I’ve spend hours and hours of my holiday providing detailed, insightful feedback, the pupils will give it a cursory glance and it’ll be locked inside a filing cabinet forevermore.

“Merry Christmas!”