Death of asylum seeker on Bibby Stockholm barge set to bring out the absolute best in everyone

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The death of an asylum seeker aboard the Bibby Stockholm is set to bring out the caring, tolerant and inclusive sides of society, according to reports this morning.

With expected calls to ‘send em back’, ‘send em to Rwanda’ and ‘they were probably a terrorist anyway’, British society is looking ahead to celebrating one of its finest hours.

English Defence League member Steve Matthews told us, “When I heard the news I just assumed they were blown up by their own suicide vest. We have to send these vermin back to Rwanda, whether they are dead or alive.

“I’m not interested in waiting to hear what actually happened, I will instead use this news to agitate my fellow morons so they will be willing to hold a rally near you soon. Facts are for losers.”

Early reports confirm that no ‘patriotic’ Facebook pages have yet expressed sympathy for the death of the unnamed asylum seeker, instead finding themselves inundated with comments from erudite geniuses expressing heart-warming sentiments such as ‘it’s a start!’ and ‘only another 40-thousands to go!’.

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Others have asked if being dead is a ‘loophole’ asylum seekers will now look to exploit as they try to avoid being sent to Rwanda.

As one commenter said, “Has anyone checked they are really dead? I’m sure there is something in the bloody Human Rights Act about not deporting dead people. They’re bloody sneaky these foreign criminals, so I wouldn’t put it past them to come back to life next week for a lifetime on benefits at OUR expense!

“This is what happens when you don’t vote BNP.”