Celestial Toymaker screwed after Doctor challenges him to 7th edition game of Warhammer 40k

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The Celestial Toymaker, master of every rule and stratagem, is hopelessly out of his depth after The Doctor challenged him to a 7th edition game of Warhammer 40k for the fate of the universe.

In a last-ditch attempt to prevent the godlike being destroying the entire human race and then moving on to the rest of creation, the last of the Time Lords pulled out a copy of War Zone Damocles and demanded he play a 10,000 point game for the fate of all.

The Toymaker failed to see the trap open before him and agreed before opening the book and discovering what lay inside.

“I can command the planets and game with galaxies, but bloody heck how to you destroy a Death Star formation? Is it even possible?”, the whimsical extradimensional elemental force of play told us.

“I’m pretty sure that superheavy the Doctor fielded is banned for tournament play, but does the fate of the universe count as an official tournament? It’s doesn’t say in the errata.

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“As far as I can make out anything under T5 may as well only have one wound. That can’t be right, surely?

“And rerollable 2++ saves? I can only assume Davros himself wrote that one.”

However, the Doctor was unrepentant.

“I’ve no idea how White Scars jetbikes move and frankly nor does anyone else. I expect he’ll be tied up trying to figure it out until the stars dim, gutter and fade.

“Universe saved again. All in a day’s work.”