“The dog ate my passcode”, Boris explains why he didn’t provide his WhatsApp messages to Covid inquiry

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Boris Johnson was unable to provide the WhatsApp messages he was legally required to provide to the Covid inquiry, because his dog ate his passcode.

Boris missed the deadline to provide Whatsapp messages to the inquiry, and offered the perfect excuse while giving evidence today.

He explained, “I would have loved nothing more than to comply with the request that I fought against, tooth and nail, until the courts determined I had to comply – but unfortunately I was unable to because the dog ate it.

“The passcode I mean, for the phone. I wrote it down, but the dog ate it, and I simply can’t be expected to remember the short numbered sequence that would provide full access to all the messages that would completely exonerate me of any wrongdoing.

“I am more disappointed than anyone. If we could have gotten into that phone, I would have been cleared almost immediately and my reputation restored, but now that won’t happen.

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“I am the real victim here.”

Meanwhile, after tech experts insisted they could get into the phone if they were provided with the handset itself, Boris explained that unfortunately, the dog has now eaten it.