Anti-woke free-speech advocate disgusted to learn that his bathroom at home is gender neutral

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A free speech loving advocate of all things anti-woke has today voiced his outrage at his own gender-neutral bathroom.

Derek Williams has lived in a house with his wife, his daughter and his two sons for the past twenty years, and had no idea that his bathroom was being used by all genders, until now.

“It’s disgusting. Anything could happen up there,” confirmed Williams.

“One minute my wife could be using the facilities, the next minute a man dressed up as a woman could walk in there – even if it’s just my son playing dress-up.

“It’s not safe and it’s not right and I’ve written a strongly-worded letter to myself to demand to know what I’m going to do about it.”

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Derek’s wife told us, “I fear this is only the tip of what will prove to be a very tedious iceberg.

“He’s never spoken to our neighbours, so he has no idea that they are from Poland.

“Once he finds out, he’s going to insist that we build a wall between our gardens, and at that point, I am definitely going to leave him for the liberally-minded college lecturer I’ve been banging on the side.”