Racism accusations stopped me being picked by Gareth Southgate for the 2022 World Cup, insists Laurence Fox

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Laurence Fox has told the judge at his libel trial that accusations on Twitter claiming he is a racist prevented him representing his beloved England in Qatar at the last World Cup.

Giving evidence to highlight how accusations of racism had prevented him from reaching his full potential, Fox said he could have made the squad ahead of Harry Maguire if it wasn’t for Twitter users using the things he said and did against him.

“Before these accusations surfaced, I had as much chance as Harry Maguire of being in that World Cup squad, and then shortly after I get called a racist, I’m a pariah in the international football scene. That is not a coincidence.

“I didn’t even get a call from Gareth Southgate to explain why I wasn’t being picked – probably because he was too embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t being picked because the woke mob don’t like free speech.”

Meanwhile, the court also heard the accusations of racism had prevented him from having a number one album, winning Masterchef, and becoming the next Batman.

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On cross examination, Fox was forced to admit that the the racism accusations had actually helped him in one regard, in that his reputation as a racist has put him in front of precisely the sort of voters he needs to support him if he’s to become a proper right-wing populist politician.

As the defence KC added, “Whether you are a racist, or not, as they flock to your new political party it certainly seems that the nation’s racists definitely think you are.”