Online store increases the price of everything by 50% ahead of its ‘Amazing 25% OFF’ Black Friday deal

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Online retailer ‘Robbem Blinds’ has increased the price of everything it sells by 50% today in preparation for its amazing Black Friday event which could see prices slashed by up to 25%. 

With news emerging earlier that just one in seven Black Friday deals is actually a real discount, Robbem Blinds has looked to defend its position by offering items for 25% less than they were when the price was put up before Black Friday, but only if they are purchased on Black Friday itself. 

A spokesperson for the firm confirmed, “Hurry hurry hurry, because these amazing offers won’t last!

“Yes, we have increased the cost of everything on our website by at least 50% today – but that’s due to inflation, or energy prices, or the phase of the moon or something.

“However, we can also announce our AMAZING Black Friday event starting this Friday, which could see savings of up to 25% on a MASSIVE selection of products!

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“Shoppers will be able to purchase some great bargains at 25% of the 50% more expensive price we’ve just announced. Yes, these products were actually cheaper this time last week, but we can legally claim they are now 25% off.

“Which I’m sure you will agree, is a really great deal.”

Asked if anything on the website will actually have a genuine discount we were told, “Yes, everything is discounted. From what it cost today, not what it cost a week ago. Which bit don’t you understand?”

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