The disabled are just one more benefit cut from having sufficient incentive to walk again, insists Jeremy Hunt

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Wheelchair-bound benefit claimants have said the looming cuts to their benefits could be just what they need to get back on their feet.

After the Chancellor hinted at benefit cuts for the seriously ill and the disabled, one man claims the cuts are just what he needs.

Simon Williams, who is confined to a wheelchair, said that he has been struggling by on his disability benefits, but is confident that reducing that amount he has to live on will finally bring back the use of his legs.

He explained, “Like most people, I had previously relied on the word of doctors and surgeons who told me I won’t be able to walk – or do a job that involves walking – ever again.

“But what do experts know? They’re part of the establishment elite, obviously.

“Thankfully this government has realised that the only thing holding me back from a full rewarding life was having too much money in my pocket.

“As they explained, nothing helps an irreparably damaged spine fix itself quite like wondering how on earth you’re going to pay the gas bill.”

The Chancellor explained that it wasn’t just the disabled who were being incentivised by new government measures affecting their income.

He told us, “We’re also offering similar incentives to the rich and people who run businesses.

“Of course, the incentive for disabled people is less money, whereas the incentive for rich people is more more money through increasingly generous tax arrangements – but it all makes perfect sense to us, obviously.”