Awkward! Attractive section of hen do accidentally meets up with less attractive section of hen do

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There were red faces all round when the attractive section of a hen do accidentally ran into the less attractive section of the hen do on the early Saturday evening of their weekend in Brighton.

“I was really freaked,” said Stacey Hampton, one of the attractive hen do attendees.

“There were all these just, you know, really weird looking women started waving to us and saying hello and that. At first, I just tried to get everyone to move on and ignore them, but then we realised it was the bride’s old school friend, her aunt, and some women who she knows through her sister at the warehouse.

“It was really weird. I didn’t really know what to say to them. I mean, I’d had a glass of Prosecco with them on the train down, but after talking about how we knew the bride and everything I just fell in with the attractive girls and got talking about what bars we were going to go to.”

Beryl Binlid is the bride’s old school friend.

“Ah, it was lovely to see the attractive girls. They all looked so attractive. We were just finishing up a historical tour of Brighton before having a Wimpy and then going to bed when we saw them.

“I think they were going to meet up with a couple of footballers and their friends in the private area of one of the clubs. One of them asked if we’d like to come along, but we knew our place so we said no, it was nice of them to ask though.

“We had a bit of a chat for a few minutes, but then no one really knew what to say and it all got a bit awkward so we decided to get on with what we were doing and see each other at the wedding.”

The groups didn’t see each other for the rest of the weekend and it is expected that, at the wedding, no one from the attractive section of the hen do will recognise any of those from the less attractive section of the hen do.