Prince Harry to write ‘Happy Birthday 🎂🎉’ on Facebook as King Charles celebrates 75th birthday

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Prince Harry is set to write ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ on Facebook, along with a celebration emoji, it has been revealed today, as his father, the King, celebrates his 75th birthday.

With news emerging earlier that Prince Harry will not be attending a private celebration dinner with the King to this evening, further new has now emerged that he will probably post something on Facebook instead to wish his dad happy birthday on there.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family confirmed, “He’ll probably put a little champagne emoji on there too, or maybe a birthday cake.

“Unfortunately Prince Harry will not be attending a dinner to celebrate the King’s 75th birthday this evening as he can’t really be arsed, and it’s miles away, and it would be all awkward too because you know… ‘the book’.

“However, we can confirm that he will be going the extra mile and wishing him happy birthday on Facebook, because it pops up that it’s his birthday in his notifications.

“He may even put an old photo of him and his dad on there too with a little birthday cake emoji or something to show that he really cares.”

Asked if he will tag his brother William in the post or find a nice family photo of them all together we were told, “No. He will not”