Rishi Sunak accused of joining the Wokerati

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Rishi Sunak has joined the lefty-liberal wokerati after sacking Suella Braverman, according to reports this morning.

The right-wing free-speech-loving Police-bashing former Home Secretary has been let go by a prime minister who has fallen to a leftist communist ideology, according to all of the people who liked it when Suella Braverman called for the police to be meaner to peaceful protesters.

“This woke madness must end!” explained Derek Matthews a free-speech-loving white van driver who thinks we should sink all the small boats while they’re still in the Channel.

“Even the Tory prime minister has joined the Woke blob. Everyone in number 10 is no doubt enjoying lunches of soggy tofu and reading The Guardian to each other in their leather-bound armchairs.

“To the untrained eye, it might look like I’m simply dismissing as ‘woke’ anyone who fails to behave exactly as I think they should, but that’s because you don’t know what to look for. I am an expert in spotting the Wokerati.

“Where you see a right-wing Home Secretary whose inflammatory words spurred far-right counter-protesters that attack and injured police, I see a leftist Prime Minister more worried about adhering to the laws of the land than protecting the principle of free speech for the British people.

“And yes, I’ll definitely vote for Suella when she launches her inevitable leadership bid.”

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