John Lewis launches Christmas advert with heartwarming message that this festive season it’s okay to drag annoying visitors into the garden

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John Lewis has released its highly-anticipated Christmas advert with a heartwarming message for anyone whose Christmas is often ruined by annoying and aggressive relatives and visitors.

Simon Williams, 42, is hosting this Christmas and was unsure how he was going to handle Uncle Derek, whose belligerent nature is well-known for causing Christmas arguments.

He told us, “I absolutely loved the advert. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of Christmas. It had never occurred to me that I could put Uncle Derek in the garden to stop him snapping at people over dinner if they suggest we should be kinder to asylum seekers, like he did last year.

“It might be cold out there, but he’ll probably have on his “Brexitmas” jumper, like he’s worn for the last seven years, so that will keep him warm enough.

“Sure, we’ll pop out to see him every now and again, like they do in the advert, but inside will be a lovely, friendly, Derek-free zone for the entire festive season.

“I’m sure that, like us, millions of families around the country are now excited about the prospect of dragging annoying family members into the icy garden the moment they start snapping at people.

“Thank you John Lewis, you’ve really knocked it out of the park this year!”