Concern grows as BBC Radio 2 goes almost six full minutes without mentioning BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing 

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Fears are growing today after news emerged earlier that BBC Radio 2 had failed to actually talk about BBC Strictly Come Dancing for almost SIX full minutes this morning. 

With Radio 2 currently mentioning Strictly every single second of broadcasting,  genuine concern was raised earlier when a presenter on the show said something that wasn’t Strictly Come Dancing related in between one of the songs which would feature on Strictly this weekend.  

A spokesperson for the BBC moved to reassure the public earlier, telling reporters, “Everything is OK. 

“We can confirm that nobody has died,  there is no massive disaster and, I repeat, nobody has died. 

“We just genuinely forgot to mention Strictly Come Dancing for a few minutes; I have no idea what we were thinking. 

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“Obviously we like to mention Strictly every single second, and to completely ram it down people’s throats just because it is on the BBC. Whether you like or or not.

“Just in case you didn’t know it was on. Because you know.. Strictly Come Dancing is on, you know?

“But our presenters actually forgot to mention it today for a few minutes for some unknown reason. 

“And we for thar we apologise, unreservedly.”

Asked if they could perhaps not go on about Strictly for the whole of the day, just in case people are not that into it, we were told, “But it was Halloween weekend… it was amazing…and this week’s dances are…

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