Minor celebrity does something without making a podcast about it

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A minor celebrity has taken part in an activity without making a podcast about it.

The news has shocked a weary public used to minor celebrities making a podcast about literally every single thing that they do.

“This is an interesting new development,” said media-watcher Simon Williams.

“We’ve had Kate Lawler’s podcast about watching Pointless, Dane Bowers ‘Going for a Walk in Park’ podcast, in which he goes for a walk in the park and then discusses what the weather was like and the nice dogs that he saw. Alex Zane’s ‘Pop to the Shops’ keeping everyone up to date about the price of a Double Decker, Michelle McManus’s ‘Trucks,’ and, of course ‘On the Toilet with The Cheeky Girls.’

“For a minor celebrity to do something and then not immediately make a podcast about it isn’t something we’ve seen for a few years now.”

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The minor celebrity in question was someone who came second in Big Brother in the late noughties, it is understood that they went to the pub for lunch and then bought some cheese before coming home and watching an episode of CSI.

“You see, that’s very interesting, in 2020, that would have been three different podcasts right there. A pub lunch podcast in which they go for a pub lunch each week with a celebrity friend until they run out of celebrity friends. That would have lasted a good two or three episodes.

“Then a cheese podcast, in which they google different cheeses and then podcast about what they’ve learnt. Of course, the obvious podcast would be the classic ‘Watch every episode…’ podcast, in which they watch every episode of CSI and podcast about it until they realise that normal people would rather cut their own ears off rather than listen to someone they vaguely remember from Big Brother talk about watching CSI each week.

“For them not to start any podcast about any of those things is a new and, I would say, a very healthy new development.”

It is thought that there are currently approximately 72 billion podcasts being made by minor celebrities about Subbuteo, digging holes, yoghurt, and anything else that pops into their heads because they can’t think of anything else to do with themselves.

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