Man who claims to hate ‘virtue signalling’ changes profile pic to Israeli flag and a poppy

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A man who has spent the last few years complaining about virtue signallers who shove their faux-superiority down his throat, has today updated his Facebook profile picture to an Israel flag overlayed with a remembrance poppy.

Dave Williams, 45, has spent most of the year telling people that liberal virtue signallers are responsible for most of society’s ills, and that this ‘sickness’ has led to the erosion of societal values such as free speech and being able to blame immigrants for stuff.

However, he insists that his massive Israeli flag profile picture and associated poppy is not a ‘signal of his virtues’, and is, in fact, something very different.

Williams argued in a thread on Facebook, “Virtue signallers do what they do just so people will recognise their very visible gesture and think they’re a better person because of it. Whereas I’ve only changed my profile picture on social media for me, and I don’t care if anyone sees it or not.

“The fact that I’m talking about it here, on Facebook, where everyone can see, it is nothing but a coincidence.

“It’s a personal tribute, that just happens to be the first thing people see when they engage with me on social media. It’s not virtue signalling.

“No it isn’t, shut up.”

Williams went on to refute accusations that actually, it wasn’t ‘virtue-signalling’ that he disliked, but rather the liberal values being promoted by said virtue-signallers.

He concluded, “No, you’re wrong, having the Israeli flag and poppy in my profile picture clearly isn’t virtue signalling, and the fact that it represents something I actually agree with is completely coincidental.”