Rachel Reeves denies allegations of plagiarism regarding her new thriller ‘The Da Vinci Codes’

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Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has denied allegations of plagiarism in her new book, insisting ‘The Da Vinci Codes’ was all her own idea.

With allegations emerging earlier that Reeves had lifted entire paragraphs from other sources for her book on economics, The labour MP has insisted today that she has not copied anything, and she also has a new thriller out too, which is also definitely all her own work.

Speaking earlier she told us, “Yes, it’s called The Davinci Codes. That’s codes, plural.

“It’s a really great thriller about erm… some codes and stuff and Da Vinci and Tom Hanks.

“And Mary Magdalene is in there too, and he just goes all over the place trying to solve this puzzle about the Holy Grail or something.

“I don’t really understand it all to be fair, but it’s a great book, a real page turner, which I came up with all by myself without copying anything whatsoever.

Asked if she has any other new books entirely written by her in the pipeline, she told us, “Well I’ve got this great idea about this boy wizard who gets into lots of adventures called Barry Potter, but I just need to finish it off.”