Man genuinely considers eating pumpkin

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A man has genuinely considered actually eating a pumpkin today it is revealed after spotting them in his supermarket.

Simon Williams, who saw about 200 pumpkins on the shelf at his local Tesco, decided he might buy one to eat earlier and placed it in his trolly, to go home and actually eat it.

Speaking earlier he told us, “What this big thing? A vegetable? Yes I’m going to eat it I think.

“I spotted that there were loads of pumpkins on the shelves this week and everyone was buying them, so thought ‘ohh they must be nice’ and put one in my trolly.

“It’s quite large so it should fill me up, and wasn’t that expensive, which is why everyone must be buying them to eat.

“I can’t wait to get it home and show the kids and tell then that we are going to eat it.”

Asked how he intends to cook the pumpkin and what meal he will be making with it we were told “Erm…. so I can have it with… erm… I could make a…. so I think… f**k it, I I’ll probably leave it in the fridge for a fortnight and then throw it away.”