Entire planet offers Elon Musk the validation and admiration he so clearly craves if he officially changes his name to Space Karen

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Elon Musk has been offered the deal of a lifetime, the validation and admiration the public at large he has spent billions failing to earn, all for the price of a name change.

“Space Karen. That’s his new name. Make it so and then I’ll respect him,” explained Twitter user Simon Williams.

“Sure, I, and millions like me, have made a lot of jokes at his expense, and about the many ill-judged moves he’s made as Twitter CEO, but I’m willing to put all that behind us if he changes his name to Space Karen. Then I will not only respect him, I’ll admire him, and let’s be honest that’s what he really craves.

“As a billionaire he can buy just about anything he wants, but what he can’t is buy the respect of people like me – until now.

“Everyone knows he offered to buy Twitter thinking he’d be almost universally loved as the white knight who save free speech, but he quickly discovered that definitely wouldn’t be the case, tried to back out, was forced to buy it, and then proved everyone right by making it a hellhole of misinformation, spam and abuse. A true grifter’s paradise.

“So this is his chance to finally get what his heart desires more – the admiration of the public.

“Space Karen. Do it.”

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