David Beckham to release brand new ‘tell all’ documentary revealing all the private details behind his decision to ‘tell nothing’ about his affair

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David Beckham is set to release a brand new ‘tell all’ Netflix documentary, where he doesn’t actually ‘tell all’ about his affair, again.

With criticism of  his original documentary coming this week from former lover Rebecca Loos, who he definitely had an affair with, news has now emerged that Beckham is set to put the record straight in a follow up ‘tell all’ documentary where he won’t tell anything at all again.

A spokesperson for the Beckhams confirmed, “It’s explosive stuff, sort of. Explosive in the same way your Dad’s five-year-old firework that had gotten very damp in the garage was ‘explosive’.  What we mean is we’ll do a really good trailer for it.

“David Beckham will be releasing a brand new follow up documentary which goes right to the heart of his personal life, and lifts the lid of all those rumours surrounding his affair.

“Obviously he won’t be admitting to actually having the affair, or even acknowledging the rumours, or discussing it in any detail whatsoever.

“Or even mentioning anyone’s name, or saying that Victoria forgave him, for definitely having the affair. Which he definitely had.

“But other than that, he will opening himself up to the public and telling the whole story, for lots of money, if by ‘the whole story’ you mean ‘missing large parts of the story’.”

Asked if there will be contributions from other parties involved, like in the original documentary, we were told, “Yeah definitely.  Not her though, Jesus.

“It will be Gary Neville, again, and no, he will not be mentioning the affair.”