Woman extremely pleased with how she has linked Meghan Markle to the Israel-Palestine crisis

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In a stunning display of creative thinking, local woman Karen Williams has astounded friends and family by successfully blaming Meghan Markle for the current Israel-Palestine crisis.

Known for her unwavering disdain for the Duchess of Sussex, Karen has taken her dislike to new heights, proving that Meghan Markle is somehow responsible for the tragic developments dominating global headlines.

Karen’s journey began on a seemingly ordinary day when she watched a news broadcast about the recent Hamas terrorist attack in Israel. While experts worldwide were discussing the complex geopolitical factors at play, and what Israeli retaliation could mean for the entire region, Karen saw an opportunity.

She told us, excitedly, “It hit me like a bolt of lightning. Meghan Markle used to be an actress, right? Well, Hollywood is where a lot of actresses go, and Hollywood is full of Jews, so it makes sense that Meghan would have befriended many jews before learning their secrets and giving them to Hamas, all because the Jews didn’t want her in their films any more. It’s SO obvious. Basically, Meghan is behind it ALL!”

When asked about the Hamas attack on Israel, Karen didn’t miss a beat, telling us “It’s clear as day. Meghan didn’t even need to go to Gaza to pass on her intelligence, she probably tweeted something about it or sent a coded message through her fashion choices. She’s really sneaky like that.”

Her friends and family, while often bemused by her conspiracy theories, couldn’t help but be impressed by her determination.

Her cousin Jessica told us, “I never thought someone could link Meghan Markle to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but Karen has proven me wrong. It’s almost like she’s competing in a ‘Six Degrees of Meghan Markle’ competition where you have to link Meghan to something awful happening in the world, and she’s really good at it. Or desperately bad, I can’t decide.

“It is however genuinely impressive that she’s managed not only to make Meghan a Hamas terrorist, but she’s also used some quite blatant anti-semitic tropes while doing it. Most people online have taken one side or the other in this conflict, so I suppose it’s refreshing to see someone so brazenly using hate speech against both sides at the same time.”

Karen’s ability to find connections between Meghan Markle and newsworthy world events has reached legendary status in her social circle. From climate change to the economy, there’s nothing she won’t attribute to the former royal.

“Honestly, I’m just glad I can finally blame Meghan for something terrorism-related,” Karen admitted with a sly grin. “It makes everything so much simpler.”

At the time of publication, Karen was busy accusing Meghan of being behind a plot that has seen her gain four pounds since September.