True villains of Israel/Gaza conflict revealed to be the BBC

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As the war between Israel and Gaza takes shape, it seems to be becoming increasingly clear that the true villain of the conflict is, as ever, the BBC.

“It’s a desperate situation in Gaza right now, and one that could have implications for the whole region, if not the entire world,” said Simon Williams, a man on Twitter with a blue tick, so who must be some sort of expert, you’d imagine.

“We’ve seen horrors perpetrated by Hamas and terrifying reprisals from Israel, but that’s nothing to compare with what the BBC have done over the past week.”

Mr Williams has published a dossier of the crimes perpetrated by the BBC over the past week that include:

  • Reporting what happened in the initial attacks in Israel.
  • Reporting on the subsequent attacks on Gaza.
  • Not describing Hamas as terrorists as if that somehow implies that the BBC thinks Hamas are a bunch of really nice lads or something.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, trying to work towards some sort of ceasefire in Gaza would be good,” continued Mr Williams

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“But, I think the real energy should go into investigating and prosecuting the BBC. Frankly, I won’t be satisfied until Clive Myrie has gone to prison for a very long time indeed.”

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