Elon Musk confirms that all Twitter users are equal, but some are more equal than others

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Elon Musk has announced the ability for Twitter users to limit comments to paid subscribers only, insisting this does not undermine his commitment to free speech, he’s just making sure that some Twitter users are more equal than others.

Musk insisted that limiting the ability to reply to blue-check-only users will finally limit the usefulness of spam bots, while having the added benefit of silencing the voices of people who don’t pay for the privilege of giving his platform their content.

A spokesperson told us, “Elon has always insisted that Twitter Blue brings equality for all users. He had a vision of a platform where a crypto scammer from Russia could have access to exactly the same benefits as Cristiano Ronaldo, IF they have $7 a month.

“But now we have decided that scammers are too tight to pay $7 a month, so this is definitely the best outcome for everyone.

“And by everyone, I obviously mean, ‘us’.”

“Critics who say he has simply created a paywall for paid users and is silencing voices that don’t pay him for the right to comment on a platform he previously called ‘corrupt’ simply don’t understand Elon Musk.

“The process of allowing anyone who has $7 a month to have their speech amplified while people who don’t pay are silenced is VERY different to the previous regime who arbitrarily decided who was and was not verified for free.

“If you think this latest function is a bad idea, then I would encourage you to check out the comments under Elon’s latest Tweet, which will provide many expert opinions from people paying $7 a month reminding you how brilliant and innovative this latest decision is.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user Simon Williams told us, “People will only pay for Twitter Blue if they think it carries some level of kudos, rather than simply being seen as a badge proving you’re a desperate Elon simp and a loser.

“Elon restricting the speech of free Twitter users is this week’s attempt to convince people that Twitter Blue isn’t just for desperate losers.

“It will be something else next week, but in the meantime, yes, paid users are mostly losers.”