Deepfake audio released of Rishi Sunak sounding competent

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There are warnings this morning about a deepfake audio clip circulating on the internet in which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appears to sound engaged, competent and up to the job of Prime Minister.

“This is obviously not Rishi Sunak,” said a Number Ten representative.

“We would ask people to disregard the audio clip and not share it, otherwise it will create the widespread impression that the Prime Minister is good at his job when, in reality… well, suffice to say we don’t want to give the wrong impression and build up an expectation.”

The audio clip appears to capture Mr Sunak answering several questions clearly and with purpose and offering a coherent strategy that would see a marked improvement to the fortunes of the British people.

Simon Williams is an AI expert.

“This is a very, very good deepfake. To listen to it, you would genuinely believe that Rishi Sunak is a competent Prime Minister with a plan and a vision.

“Obviously, anyone who is remotely engaged in British politics would immediately realise that there was something fishy going on, but someone who doesn’t really follow the news and politics might be left with the impression that the country isn’t monumentally screwed under the leadership of this man.”

The clip is just one of a series of deepfakes released recently that include Kier Starmer announcing a policy, Ed Davey saying something interesting, and Suella Braverman not sounding like a pound-shop Bond villain.

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