Big Brother having a trans woman makes it ‘woke’, insists man unaware a trans woman won it 2004

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The new series of Big Brother is apparently ‘woke’ due to the addition of a trans woman and a homosexual as housemates.

As the series returns on ITV, some viewers have been left disgusted that producers have succumbed to the “wokerati’s insidious ideology”.

Derek Matthews, 50, told us, “I won’t watch it because it’s all just woke nonsense. What sort of prime time television show includes a gay and a trans person? A WOKE one, that’s what. They’ve also got a couple of ethnics and an amputee. It’s so woke it’s basically communist!”

When it was pointed out to Derek that a trans woman not only appeared on the show, but won the whole thing back in 2004, and that no one called the show ‘woke’ back then, he remained defiant.

“If I’d seen it back then I would have called it woke, obviously,” he added.

Producer Simon Williams told us, “No one said Big Brother was ‘woke’ in 2004 when Nadia won, because she was popular with the public who judged her on her personality and her actions. Plus, people hadn’t been radicalised by the media into hating a vulnerable minority who have literally zero impact on their every day lives.

“The fact that Big Brother is called ‘woke’ these days isn’t because the show has changed, it’s still the same cross section of society it’s always been – what’s changed is the attitudes of the viewing public.

“And not for the better, unfortunately.”