Fans of watching self-obsessed arseholes turn to Big Brother during Parliamentary recess

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Fans of watching live coverage of self-obsessed arseholes behaving atrociously have been forced to make do with the return of Big Brother to fill the void that has been left by the break in proceedings in Parliament.

The public’s need to watch people make idiots of themselves live on TV has been satisfied by a number of politicians and public figures in parliament in recent weeks, but the current recess has forced viewers to look elsewhere.

“It’s not the same, but Big Brother is the next best thing to watching intolerable bellsniffs who are prepared to say or do anything for public votes,” revealed Parliament TV viewer.

“Hopefully when the parliament resumes next week I can watch the professionals rather than these Big Brother wannabes.”

ITV, which broadcasts the revived Big Brother series, has revealed that they hope to keep the viewers that have tuned in as an alternative to parliament, claiming that the participants in the returning reality TV show have more to offer than politicians.

“One of the main differences between Big Brother and politicians is that the public have to wait five years before they can vote politicians out,” said an ITV spokesperson.

“There will be twists and turns along the way, and punishments for anyone who pretends that they have no recollection of secret tasks.

“Participants that are under pressure might even do the decent thing and quit.

“That’s something you’ll never see happen in Parliament.”

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