Deep-fake audio of Keir Starmer part of a secret project to identify nation’s gullible simpletons

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A newly released deep-fake audio file claiming to be Labour leader Keir Starmer berating an aide with foul language has proven 100% successful in identifying the sort of gullible simpleton who will fall for any old nonsense.

‘Free-thinker’ and GB News viewer Simon Williams told us, “I don’t understand how AI works, or what a deep fake is, or the mechanics of how nefarious actors are trying to mislead people like me, but I am absolutely convinced that this audio file is real.

“Clearly this is definitive proof that Keir Starmer is a hateful bully, and that we can’t let him anywhere near Downing Street. I don’t care that several Tory MPs have come out and said the audio isn’t real – I think it is, and that’s what’s important.

“I have to trust me gut on this, it’s never once been wrong – well, I’ve never admitted to myself that it’s been wrong. And right now my gut is saying ‘you should definitely believe this highly dubious sounding audio clip because it confirms all of your existing biases’.

In order to demonstrate how easy it is to create a deep fake audio, someone recording the interview created a short clip of Williams telling everyone he ‘bums dogs’.

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However, in a reaction that reinforced the initial classification of Williams as an imbecile, he told us, “So what? If it means Keir Starmer loses the next election, I’m happy to get the reputation for bumming dogs.

“It’s definitely a price worth paying and nothing bad will come from the precedent of people like me being tricked by things like this.”

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