‘It’s bloody disgraceful what’s going on in Israel’ says man who clearly has no idea what’s going on in Israel

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A man has expressed his utter disgust at what is happening in the Israeli – Gaza conflict despite having absolutely no idea what is happening in the Israeli – Gaza conflict.

Simon Williams, who knows there’s something big going on because it’s all over the news, revealed his disgust earlier after taking to social media calling for Israel to just end the war because their Hamas leaders are behaving disgracefully.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah I’m following it all, I know exactly what’s going on and they need to stop immediately.

“It’s all Israel’s fault, because they won’t allow the Palestinians to live in Hamas and then Gaza is controlled by the Israeli Hamas militants who are just killing people for fun.

“It’s f**king disgraceful, and they need to just sort it out.

“I mean it’s been completely peaceful there for decades with no trouble whatsoever, and then it suddenly it kicks right off for no reason whatsoever.

“There are people dying, just because Israel won’t agree to a mosque for the Jews and ISIS are unhappy about it.”

Asked how he thinks the conflict could finally come to an end we were told, “Well, it is very complex as you know, but I think they should just get together now and just shake hands and forget about it.”